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Call for Entries

Build a better mousetrap....

Or semiconductor,
Or gene expression system,
Or software program,
Or car engine,
Or polymer,
Or consumer product,
Or bridge material,
Or security system,
Or chemical processing system,
Or fertilizer,
Or air quality detector,

But you get the idea.

If your new product or process does something better than the rest, it may
deserve an R&D 100 award.

The R&D 100s have been honoring the world's greatest inventions each year
since 1963.

Now is the time to prepare your entries for the 37th Annual R&D 100 Awards,
celebrating the year's most innovative new products and processes.

Called "The Oscars of Innovation", the R&D 100 Awards honor the inventors and
the products poised to make the greatest impact in our future.

But you'll never know if your innovation could win unless you enter the

Entering the R&D 100 Awards is simple.

Just contact R&D Magazine for more information or visit our website at
www.rdmag.com to download an entry form.

Your product might join the ranks of past winners such as:

1963	Polacolor color film

1964	Teflon coated aluminum cookware

1965	Flashcube
	Rectangular color TV (replaced round picture tubes)

1966	Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer

1967	Ink-jet printer

1968	Color copier
	All channel TV tuner
	Liquid Crystal Displays
	"Big-screen TV" (rear-projection TV sets)
	"Ultrasound" machine

1969	VCR	Optical character reader (allows handwritten documents to be
electronically recorded)

1970	Gem quality synthetic diamonds

1971	Digital watch
	Music Synthesizer (digital computer organ)
	Drug Screen (on-the-spot drug testing)

1974	Cromalin color proofing (state of the industry for artistic film
production)    Color Design Console (CAD)

1975	Fax machine

1976	Spray-on non-toxic oven cleaner

1977	Anti-lock brakes
	Roundup herbicide
	Solar collector

1979	Magnetic stripe credit cards
	RAM - random access memory

1980	Cartridge disc drive
	Digital Audio Tape (a music industry standard)

1982	Gasoline additive "techron" (reduces engine knock)

1983	Kodak disc camera
	Analog to digital circuit
	Silicon integrated circuit
	Publication design and page makeup system (forerunner to Pagemaker)

1984	Kodak VR 1000 film
	256-k bit CMOS RAM

1985	FTIR Spectrometry

1986	AT&T touch-sensitive screen

1990	Handwriter data entry system (used by UPS)

1991	Kodak photo cd

1992	Nicoderm anti-smoking patch

1993	Taxol anti-cancer drug
	Oatrim fat substitute

1996	Chemical lab-on-a-chip (does on-the-spot blood tests)
	Fruitrim fat replacer

1998	Micro-Thermal Analyzer
	Toyota hybrid system - gasoline/electric engine

Deadline for entries is March 1, 1999

Go to www.rdmag.com for complete information on the awards process.

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