Best contig/clustering tools?

Andrew Gardner andrewg at compusmart.ab.ca
Mon Jan 25 23:29:35 EST 1999

> I am trying to decide which software is the best to use. We want to
> assemble fragments from HTS sequencing (of cDNA's) and then be able to
> cluster the results with Genbank/Unigene. So I am interested in the
> opinion of this group. Which do you think is best? My criteria for "best"
> is 1. accuracy and 2. scriptability (for automation).  The choices are:

You might be interested in GeneTool.  It does a bunch of stuff including
assembly.  It doesn't really support automation but the interface is
pretty slick.  Anyway, there's a demo on their website,
Andrew Gardner                andrewg at compusmart.ab.ca

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