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NetSpyS is server application base on WWW which  permits
to provide controlling, file transfering and coomunication with
any remote computer in Internet or Your Intranet Network.
WWW Browser may be used as clients for communication with NetSpyS.


NetSpyS has been tested with Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer and
behaved OK.

NetSpy work in Win NT 4.x or Windows 95 (98) netowork environment
using TCP/IP.

The NetSpyS runs as minimized window. It is Gui application
Default TCP/IP port number is 80 for connection with client.
Other specific feature of NetSpyS is to give possibility for client user to overcome
FireWall. Because WWW ports is not blocked.

If you will start NetSpyS with parameter /koi8 or /win1251 it will present
information to the browser in russian:
If it is specified the key /koi8 it will be in KOI-8 Cyrillic codes.
If it is specified the key /win1251 it will be in Windows Cyrillic codes.

Attention: In demo version NetSpyS presents advetizing string read from the host
UACT.NET.During advertizing NetSpyS is Always-on-top window. The same
message is sent to the main page on client browser

NetSpyS is using the TCP/IP port number 80.
It is possible to use other port number,creating specila NetSpy.INI file and
put this file into the Windows directory. This file should have the following contents:

Port = 99

System menu:
To open system menu please click with right button on NewSpyS bar.
System menu consits of following items:
   1.  Close
   2. Open user terminal
   3. Access with password - protect NetSpyS access with password
   4. About - give you CopyWrite Info and Your Server Name and Address
                               Menu items explication
Terminate NetSpyS
                                       Open user terminal
Open user terminal which contains messages sent from server, information on
running task. When some message is sent from the client, user terminal is opened.
Server user may put own message on user terminal as well, and this message
can be dumped by client user.
                                       Access with password
You may  protect NetSpyS access from clients with password
                                   Connection with NetSpyS
It is needed to specify location of NetSpys for connection with it.
Type in the string Location of NetScape or Microsoft Interent Expolorer 
with IP or name of server.
For example:
By client request server perform the  following operations:

   1. Browse and download files from remote server
   2. Run task on remote server 
   3. Status of remote server task manager
   4. Page message on remote server
   5. Take user terminal log from on remote server
   6. Select file mask for browser
                              Client operations explication
                                Browse and download files from remote server
You may browse on server machine and download selected file. Please pay attention 
that clicking with left mouse button on file URL provides downloading of only
ZIP and EXE file, ASCII file are presented on the Client Screen. If oyu want to
download ASCII files please click on its URL with Right Button. Server opens
file with read shared access.
                               Run task on remote server
runs application on remote machine - results of running presented on server user terminal.
To run an application it is needed to specify appropriate command line with
path and name of the executable file and parameters if they are needed.
                               Status of remote server task manager
provides to the client information of currently running tasks on server machine.
                               Page message on remote server
You may page a message from client to the server user terminal
                               Take user terminal log from on remote server
You may dump user terminal log. It gives you m\possibilities to intercommunicate with
server user.
                               Select file mask for browser
You may eliminate quiantity of files presented during browsing. For example:
if you specify *.exe  the only file with EXE extension will be presented.
Alex Ermolaev. All rights reserved. 1999. Questions, Suggestion,
Proposition and Source Code Request please send on fax_na at hotmail.com

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