[ANN] Lab Notebook Shareware - New Version Released

Bioscience Automation info at biosciauto.com
Wed Jan 20 14:37:12 EST 1999


DiscoveryBench (TM) is a Lab Notebook shareware program which
runs on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0.

This exciting new version is designed to give Web look-and-feel
to your actual Lab Notebook.
DiscoveryBench 3.0 includes revolutionary features such as:

1. A lab notebook composed of documents with the look and feel
   and features of Web documents. Create a Home Page for your
   project and you will have every relevant document or
   experiment data on hand when you work on the project.
2. Sophisticated document management. Your documents are
   automatically filed in the appropriate folders by content.
3. Easy retrieval and content searching. You can find
   any document in your lab notebook in seconds by searching
   on a word.
4. A publishing wizard that allows you to create Websites
   directly from your lab notebook documents. Now you can
   easily share your laboratory work with colleagues at the
   same institution or all over the world.
5. E-mail your documents and experiment data as a Website.
   Your recipients only have to open a file attached to the
   e-mail to consult a part of your lab notebook with their
   Web browser.

To view these new features, download the DiscoveryBench
Quick Tour at: ftp://ftp.biosciaut.com/pub/DBenchTour.exe

Please visit http://www.biosciauto.com/dbench.htm for more
information and to download your fully functional 30-day
trial version.

Best regards,

Bioscience Automation
e-mail: info at biosciauto.com

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