Keeping databases up to date......

Dr Thon de Boer tdeboer at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 20 09:32:04 EST 1999


I am maintaining the sequence and other style databases at the
HGMP RC (Human Genome Mapping Program Resouce Center) at the Genome
Campus in Hinxton, UK.
We have quite a few databases that we need to keep up to date for SRS
indexing, BLAST searches etcetera....We now use mostly homebacked
scripts and the occasional mirror programs to keep them up to date, but
it's getting a bit messy, whith all these scripts and all scripts tackle
the problems in their own way and I was wondering if there are any smart
scripts or systems around that can keep the databases up to date in a
more structured manner.....

I would like to hear from other database maintainers what they are using
and if there is something around that can do most of my work for me in a
structured way, before I start writing something of my own......

Thanks in advance....

Dr. Thon de Boer
HGMP RC, Hinxton UK

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