Gene Runner

Oswaldo palenzuo at bcc.orst.edu
Sun Jan 17 22:17:18 EST 1999

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com wrote:
> Hi,
> You may want to look into the program mkcompat.exe.  It comes with Win95
> and you should find it in your Windows/System folder or just type
> "mkcompat" in the run command.  The idea is that it will make Windows 3.1
> programs compatable with Windows95.  I used it on Oligo per the developers
> instructions and had no problems.  Unfortunately I am unable to provide you
> with specifics on what each setting in the program will do but you may want
> to check Microsoft's site for more info.
> Bill Nussbaumer

Hi, thanks a lot for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not seem to
help much. I have been trying mkcompat by checking one by one all the
options, but Gunrunner seems to continue using its own file manager with
short file names. It might be a combination of settings to be checked,
but the possibilities are too many for the trial and error approach.
Microsoft's site does not offer any help with mkcompat, either.

Would the same procedure that you used for Oligo work for Gene Runner or
it was a different problem not related with long file names? Anybody has
any other suggestion about it?. Thanks


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