Gebe Runner

Oswaldo palenzuo at bcc.orst.edu
Fri Jan 15 14:11:36 EST 1999


I have been using Gene Runner v 3.02 for a few years and I have got used
to it, finding it very useful for my needs. However, it is a 16 bit
application, at it uses an awkward file manager which cannot recognize
long file names. Everything else works fine under win95, but this
limitation on filenames length makes if a tittle of a pain when handling
big sequence libraries.

The question is, anybody knows of an upgrade for win 95? (don't think so
because the company doesn't seem to exist any more), or is there an easy
way to make this application use a long name-compatible file manager?. I
have tried other packages, but most of them are too complicated, too
simple or too expensive for what I need. I haven't found a good
equivalent of Generunner's oligo analysis menu.

Thank you guys for any input,


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