treetool under Linux?

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Wed Jan 13 09:29:25 EST 1999

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In article <369B1140.D0AB1E65 at memorec.com>,
  Kay Hofmann <kay.hofmann at memorec.com> wrote:
> Has anybody managed to compile a working version of treetool
> under Linux?
> GDE works fine, there are executables out there and compilation
> under current Red Hat system also works without too much trouble.
> Treetool, however, is a different story. I did not find precompiled
> executables. The compilation was not so easy, after some hacking
> I got a running version that crashes whenever I try to save
> or print something. (A real try-out version, apparently)
> Any ideas?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Kay Hofmann
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