wu-blast executables on 4-way PentiumII Linux systems?

craffi at my-dejanews.com craffi at my-dejanews.com
Wed Jan 13 13:33:06 EST 1999

I followed the earlier thread regarding blast performance on Linux systems
with interest, I'd also be greatly interested in any pointers, URL's or
comments concerning experiences with the Wash-U blast distribution and how it
runs and performs on Linux systems.

Primarily I use wu-blast on AlphaServer 4100 and 8400 systems, I'm interested
in seeing how the benchmarks from these systems stack up against say one of
the 450MHZ 4-way PII Xenon Linux compute servers that VA Research is
offering. It would be interesting to see how a Linux box with 2GB memory does
on a cost vs. performance ratio when compared to the Alpha's.

I'll summarize any responses and if I get my hands on a VA Research system
I'll report my experiences.

Chris Dagdigian
cdagdigian at genetics.com

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