Wise2.1.16 Beta release

Ewan Birney birney at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jan 11 14:51:36 EST 1999

    Wise2 beta release

    The latest release of Wise2 (Wise2.1.16b) has been released. Wise2
is a package which specialises in the comparison of DNA sequence at
the level of it conceptual translation. More information can be found


   The latest release has the following highlights:

   - Can be built with pthreads support for SMP boxes
   - Contains a script (halfwise) to sensibly compare
     large DNA sequences against Pfam
   - More output formats and better defaults in the programs

Some of the functionality of the Wise2 package is available through
Web forms. For example, to compare a DNA sequence against Pfam, the
following form can be used to submit your DNA sequence


The package contains a number of other resources which are more
experimental including

    - an alpha release of the DNA block aligner (dba) program
    - The generalised gap penalities algorithm implemented.
    - A working C and Perl API to the functionality in the package.

The package contains extensive documentation which is bundled in the
distribution and available on the web site.

For more information, use the above web sites, or email 
Ewan Birney at <birney at sanger.ac.uk>

Ewan Birney
<birney at sanger.ac.uk>

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