Please recommend a DNAanalysis software package?

Amir Snapir snapir at utu.fi
Fri Jan 8 03:02:43 EST 1999

Have a look at Prophet ( http://www.utu.fi/med/farmakol/prophet/ ). It's not bug
free and it has little tendency to crash (somehow even when it crashes you don't
loose your work) but fairly powerful and... it's free!

Kasper Dreyer wrote:

> Hi
> Our group is about to invest in a DNA/protein analysis software package and
> would like to hear you opinion on any programs you have worked with.
> We are considering the Lasergene99, mainly because we have used Lasergene so
> far.
> We primarily use it for keeping track of our constructs, for designing
> subclonings, for primer design and some simple protein features. Import of ABI
> sequencing files would be an advantage.
> Thank you very much - after all - it is a jungle out there.
> Yours sincerely
> Cand. scient
> Kasper Dreyer
> Institute of Molecular and Structural Biology
> Aarhus University
> Denmark

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