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> Dear friends
>     I have large CD-ROM collection containing all kinds of softwares, games
> etc.  I am kind of lost whenever I need to search for a particular software.
>     Can anyone suggest a suitable software which can index all my CDROMs.?
> The utility should be able to tell me on a query input, the CDROM in which
> the software or game etc.  can be obtained from?
>     Thanks in advance
> sincerely
> jakku

...just in case this information would be of use to
biological scientists.

     For the PC install DJGPP and specifically the
file utilities and grep.

Make a directory for the contents files, go to it
and for each disk run
     ls -lR X:\ > name_of_disk

where X: is your CDROM drive letter and name_of_disk is
a unique filename that reflects the name of the CDROM.

To find a title move to the directory with
all the contents files and type
     grep -i 'title' *

The output will be in the form

For powerful searches learn the beauty of regular expressions.

For a Mac you can load the fully opened directory tree
into a window then save this as a text file.  Install MacGAWK
and use this to search (or MacPERL).
     If you have a UNIX box you probably wouldn't be asking this
but the answer is similar to DJGPP except that you will need
to know your CDROM mount point eg. /dev/dsk/c1d1p1 etc.

You can find more about the wonders of DJGPP at

The most effective means I have found for a small CD collection
consists of using a rod of wood-bound graphite and a piece
of compressed extracted vegetable matter.  The former is used
to output data to the latter.  The latter component is eminently
portable, not subject to magnetic or electronic interference
and is architecture-independent (amaze your friends!).

Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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