MAPMAKER/QTL questions

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein at nih.gov
Thu Feb 25 11:11:52 EST 1999

I am trying to assist a colleague with Quantitative Trait Analysis (QTL)
in mice.  We are currently preparing to use MAPMAKER/QTL 1.1.  I've
compiled it with minimal difficulty on Irix 6.2.

(1) is MapMaker still the preferred tool for this analysis?  It's a bit
old, and doesn't have any inherent graphics capability (although it can
generate PostScript).  I'd actually prefer to use it, since I've
invested a bit of effort already and the lab scientist is keen to use
it, but would like to know if something else is currently preferred.
(2) Where can one obtain a copy of a recent mouse genetic map in a
format which MapMaker can use?


- Jonathan

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