DNA for doga nd cat identificaiton -advice needed

DAR USER tra at darlaw.com
Mon Feb 22 13:50:23 EST 1999

We are looking at using DNA for identification of cats and dogs. Having 
talked with several manufactures, I get so many different opionions on 
what equipment is needed. We do not need/want to do any type of 
identification of potiental problems or traits or no type of research, 
only to id this dog as 'number 1' and another dog as 'number 2'.

1) what is the *bare* min. equipment needed?
2) What is a good source of basic equipment (it can be old as long as it 
works), ie not the latest and greatest?
3) With DNA Identification, do we need to sequence and store all pairs or 
is there a specific subset that is unique enough for this identification?
4) I have found several 'free' software solutions for DNA analysis, etc. 
Is there software that will take the 'sequence' and easily store it for 
later seaches/matching?
5) Does anyone know of a similar project in the works?

Thanks in advanced,


6) If later, we want to take it one step farther, to determine 'dog 1' is 
the parent of 'dog 2'. How much *more* equipment and steps would be 

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