PAUP website problem?

M. Johan Broekman hanbroekman at mail.med.cornell.edu
Wed Feb 17 21:27:13 EST 1999

I did a search on Altavista "where is paup website" and it came up with
literally millions of web pages, among which:
 Creating Phylogenetic Trees with the PAUP Program.
                Here are some notes on how to create phylogenetic trees by
                the pima-to-paup.sh program after running pima.sh. CREATING

                URL: bmerc-www.bu.edu/examples/pimapaup.html
                Last modified 8-Sep-97 - page size 7K - in English [
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 Getting PAUP*
                Getting PAUP* David Swofford is releasing test versions of
PAUP* to registered users only. In
                order to obtain a test copy of PAUP*, send an email
                URL: taxonomy.zoology.gla.ac.uk/Course/PAUPStar.html
                Last modified 18-Sep-97 - page size 695 bytes - in English
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Hans Sluiman wrote:

> Does anyone know whether the PAUP website has moved? I keep getting the
> following DNS lookup error:
> The requested URL could not be retrieved
> While trying to retrieve the URL: http://www.lms.si.edu/PAUP/
> The following error was encountered:
>       Unable to determine IP address from host name for www.lms.si.edu
> The dnsserver returned:
>       DNS Domain 'www.lms.si.edu' is invalid: Host not found
> (authoritative).
> This means that:
>  The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
>  Check if the address is correct.
> Generated Wed, 17 Feb 1999 12:49:05 GMT by indium (Squid/2.1.PATCH2)
> (end of error message.)
> Hans Sluiman

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