Q: fastDNAml for DOS/Windows (compiling problem)?

Joern Hopke jhopke at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 17 14:55:33 EST 1999

Hi - 
For a phylogenetic analysis I planned to use the fastDNAml and DNA
rates programs. I'd like to do this on my PC/Windows based computer
and thus tried to find above mentioned programs at the common molbio
software archives. Unfortunately, only Unix and PowerMac compilations
were available (why?).
Though I'm not familiar with C-programming, I decided to download the
C-sources (for fastDNAml and DNArates) from the RDP site.
Additionally, I got the Gygnus GNU C compiler (actually, it seems to
be a complete development environment). According to the instructions
given in the to_make.doc (in the source code directory at thye RDP
site), I compiled the fastDNAml program (gcc -O  fastDNAml.c  -o
fastDNAml  -lm), getting the desired exe-file. After copying the
required cygwin1.dll  into the  fastDNAml.exe directory, I was able to
execute the program, getting the following output:
  fastDNAml, version 1.1.1a, November 2, 1994
  Based on Joseph Felsenstein's
  Nucleic acid sequence Maximum Likelihood method, version 3.3
and a blinking cursor. Assuming, an input-filename was required, I
entered test5.phy (from the RDP site + I tried it with one of my own
files), but came up with the following error message:
  ERROR: Problem reading number of species and sites
I guess, the input file format should be correct (since it's a sample
file from the RDP site and it looked all right when viewing it in an
editor), so, probably during the compilation something went wrong
(though no error message was generated by the compiler - I didn't try
all that with the DNArates program).
So, anybody has any idea what the problem might be? Alternatively,
anybody knows where I could download the compiled programs (which
would be the most convenient way)?
Thanks, if you've been reading (this rather long posting) that far.
Any help is appreciated
- Joern

Dr. Joern Hopke                             Tel.: 206-543-2937
Dept. of Chemistry; Univ. of Washington     Fax : 206-543-8138
Box 351700; Seattle, WA 98195

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