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Gerard Tromp tromp at sanger.med.wayne.edu
Mon Feb 15 12:57:27 EST 1999

jayakumar wrote:
> HI
>    I have a problem.  I have a folder on my PC (internet connected), where I
> have individual text files of my subject abstracts (from various databases).
> I have so many of them now, that I am not able to find out which of these
> files contains the necessary keywords, which I am looking forward.
>     Do any one of you know of any softwares, which can search through all
> the text files in a folder for a particular term or a collection of terms
> and then tell you which all files contain them.
>     Thanks in advance
> sincerely yours
> jakku
> ****************************************************************************

This is essentially the function of grep on a Unix box. Grep has been
ported to almost all platforms by the GNU project (Stallman et al.,
www.gnu.org). For PC binaries of grep and a whole lot of other utilities
go to 
and look for djgpp. 

Just to clarify: djgpp is a programming environment -- gnu c and c++
compilers -- ported to PC. It has been used on the DOS/Windows PC
platform to compile the code for the utilities. The binaries, i.e.
compiled utilities, are also available under the djgpp pages (actually
one is supplied ftp URLs for a mirror near you).

While you are there, get gawk as well -- exceedingly useful for
functions such as you describe. It is less complicated, and less
powerful, than perl; its relative simplicity may recommend itself over
perl if you are not a programmer.

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