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Pierre Rioux riouxp at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Feb 11 13:56:29 EST 1999

Thomas Sicheritz wrote:
> Korbinian Strimmer <korbi at mail-a.mchp.siemens.de> writes:
> > Does anybody run "treetool" by Mike Maciukenas
> > (from the Ribosomal RNA Database project)
> > on Linux?  I have tried to compile the v.2.0.2 sources
> > and succeeded even to link (with the xview libs)
> > but still it doesn't work ("normal" termination
> > with an error - no core dumbs)... :(
> Treetool will only run with 8bpp (256 color mode)
> You can run a second Xsession on another virtual console without stopping X
> Ctrl-Alt-F8
> startx -- -bpp 8 :1
> and switch between the differetn Xsessions with
> Ctrl-Alt-F7 and Ctrl-Alt-F8

    This message might help people having the same problem
under Solaris:

    I succeeded in "patching" treetool 2.0.1 such that it works
on displays with more than just 8 bitplanes. I simply commented
out in the file graphics/color.c the lines that called
XStoreColor(). There are exactly 6 such lines in the file,
one of them is

    /* result=XStoreColor(ch->xdpy, ch->cmap, &ch->cl->c); */

(shown here after I commented it out!) Just look for the string
"XStoreColor"; BTW sometimes the function's return value is

    Now it runs on 24 bit displays; however the "color editor"
panels won't work at all (you're stuck with the default colors,
but here at the OGMP we don't mind that since we never change
the colors anyway). It's up to you to decide if this is good
enough or not. I agree this "patch" is not the most amazing
invention since sliced bread. :-)

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