NCLEVER 4.0 Available

Pierre Rioux riouxp at megasun.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Feb 11 13:37:47 EST 1999


Keywords: NCBI Entrez command-line search tool batch interactive

Version 4.0 of the nclever search tool is now available.

nclever is a text-based shell that can be used to query the
Medline, Protein and Nucleotide databases of NCBI's Entrez
network server. It can be used interactively as a replacement
for NCBI's Entrez browser in environments where graphical
interfaces are unavailable (or simply not desirable). It can
also be used as a batch access tool, to perform automatic
queries. Under the control of other programs (such as Perl
or shell scripts) it becomes a versatile search engine,
allowing automation of tasks that are impossible to do with
Entrez' own GUI browser.

New features include:
- Support for all Entrez field indexes; when connecting to
  the Entrez server the program will automatically fetch
  the list of legal search fields; nclever's new "Search"
  command can be used to query those fields.
- No external support data files required; previous versions
  needed the administrator to install and maintain several
  such files, but now having a nclever executable is enough.
- See also the CHANGES.txt file (on the FTP server and
  in the source distribution) for more information.

- This program is 100% free.
- UNIX sources are available at


  You need to install the latest NCBI programming toolkit
  in order to compile the program. This toolkit is available at


- We also provide precompiled binaries for Solaris 2.6 in
  the subdirectory


  (We welcome your help in providing binaries for other platforms)

Contact information:
- For more information, comments and technical support, write
  to Pierre Rioux, ogmp at megasun.bch.umontreal.ca

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