Restriction fragment mapping programs

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Actually, I am in the same situation as Caro, and so I was glad to see her
post. I would like to map an ~100kb insert and localize a 5kb stretch of
known sequence in it. Looking at your program, I was quite impressed what it
can do, but I couldn't see how it could help me in solving my problem, as it
still seems to me that you have to enter the sequence data in order to get a
map, and what I am looking for is a program in which I can enter used enzymes
and fragment lengths obtained and assemble this data into a restriction map.
Is there a way this problem can be solved with CloneIt? Or is there any other
program around that can do it, either PC/Mac/Unix ?


In article <79bm8r$b26$1 at saphir.jouy.inra.fr>,
  lindenb at jouy.inra.fr (Pierre Lindenbaum) wrote:
> :I'm trying to find
> : a program which will allow me input data from restriction digests,
> : subsequently blotted and probed with known markers, and create a map of
> : the digest pattern.
> On the WWW you could try CloneIt
> Hope it helps.

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