DNA sequence analysis for Mac

Richard P. Grant r_grant at see.sig.for.address
Tue Feb 9 03:54:10 EST 1999

In article <Pine.SOL.3.95.990208221846.4654A-100000 at monod.cmmt.ubc.ca>,
francis at CMMT.UBC.CA (Francis Ouellette) wrote:

>As you may know, advertising is really not accepted on this newsgroup,
>(and other BIOSCI newsgroups (although plenty do it).

Indeed.  Although given the context of the thread - I wonder how the
etiquette applies here?  Perhaps if I were selling such software (which
I'm not) then I should email the interested poster(s) directly, but then
that is treading a fine line between UCE and UI . . .

Meantime, *unsolicited* advertisers go straight into my kill files, so I
never see them again.


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'Mac users exhibit many of the behaviours of minority groups in wider
  society, and exist under much the same pressure of casual bigotry'
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