Graphic Output for Genetic Linkage Map, Graphical Genotypes and QTL Plot on PCs

Shen Lishuang L.SHEN at CGIAR.ORG
Thu Feb 4 09:11:31 EST 1999

To all:

I have just written a program,  Mapplotter, which can be used to
get graphic output on PC computer. Mapplotter is primarily
designed to plot Genetic Linkage Map, Graphical Genotypes and draw
QTL plot according to results from other programs. It also bear a
picture viewer module for browsing different formats of image
files and a Rich Text Editor module for viewing and modifying data
and result files..

Mapplotter Version 1.1  has the below functions:

1. Drawing genetic maps, graphical genotypes and QTL plots, drawn
maps are saved as 256-color bitmap files.

2. It lets you specify the scale on both X-axis and Y-axis. Marker
names are printed in their exact position on map.

3. For graphical genotypes, it works for DH, RIL, BC and F2
populations at present. Regions from  different parents are show
in different colors and fillstyles. It also give genome ratio of
each plant in "genome ratio.txt" file.

4. Drawing multiple plants (for graphical genotypes ) or traits
(for QTL plots) in one run.

5. For QTL plots,  it can draw a single trait a time or up to 3
traits a time. You can choose to draw QTL analysis mode of SIM,
CIM or both on one plot. It also enables you choose to show the
sign of additive effects on QTL plots.

6. For QTL plot, three QTL result formats are supported now. Two
of them are the same as in QTLCartographer (Zmapqtl.exe result
files and Preplot.exe result files) from North Carolina State
University. Other format can also be added on request. It lets you
choose using LOD score or liklihood ratio (LR) for your own QTL
result file and centiMorgan (cM) or Morgan (M) for your map data

7. For genetic map data , two formats are supported. One is the
same as in QTLCartographer, the other format can be easily
modified from Mapmaker/EXP output file.

8. Built-in image viewer enables you quickly browse through your
maps. It can view bitmap, metafile and icon files. It also enables
you do simple editing of the drawn maps.

9. Built-in image viewer can display the map position and LOD
score of any point in your QTL plots by simply clicking and moving
mouse on the drawn maps.

10. Most commands are self-evident. Besides, you can also get
hints for some of them by placing mouse cursor on them.

Mapplotter is a Windows 95 program and is freely available for
acedemic use. More functions will be added in future. Please give
it a try and test it. For QTL plotting, more data format for QTL
results can be added upon request.

For details and how to getting the program, please contact with
the author.

Best regards,

Lishuang Shen
Project Scientist
Plant Breeding, Genetics and Biochemistry Division
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
P.O. Box 3127
Makati Central Post Office (MCPO)
1271 Makati City

Tel:  (63-49)5360672 (home) or (63-2) 8450563-local 540 (Office)
Fax: (63-2)-8450606 or (63-2)-8450563
Email: lshen at irri.cgiar.org

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