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>I am looking for a software, hopefully shareware and runing on MacOS,
>allowing to edit aligned sequences - adding or removing gaps - after a
>clustalv run.

You might want to give Andrew Rambaut's multiple alignment editor "Se-Al"
<http://evolve.zoo.ox.ac.uk/Se-Al/Se-Al.html> a try. This is a
Mac only program for compiling, manipulating and editing multiple sequence
alignments. It currently features on the fly translation of protein-coding
DNA (so that you can edit the amino-acid alignment and the underlying
nucleotides will be aligned accordingly). You can drag regions and 
copy and paste. Searching for motifs is a bit primative. It's under
development at the moment.

Alternatively, ClustalX has some minor editing features:


and is worth a look anyway for its GUI on top of ClustalW.

Seqpup/SeqApp was already mentioned, so I won't go into that.



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