excel macro for RS232 data exchange (I/O)

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Mon Feb 1 11:56:09 EST 1999

Bill A Nussbaumer at BDX
02/01/99 11:48 AM

I used to use a small program called SoftwareWedge from TAL Technologies.
It's a small program (the version I have comes on a single 1.4 MB floppy)
that will analyze signals from any COM port and allow you to create
specialized parsing of that data to fit your needs.  I've used it to
automate data collection from 2 different analytical balances, a pH Meter
and a spectrophotometer.  It works for  DOS, win 3.1 and 95.  My version is
relatively old and requires a little tweaking for each new device, but once
you get it right you can save your configuration to use over and over.
Combined with formula and macro capabilities of the spreadsheets I found it
to be fairly flexible.  I found that after designing a spreadsheet and a
batch file to run with a particular configuration I was able to set it up
to be quite user friendly so anyone could come along and help me collect
data for my experiments.  It's not specific to spreadsheets, it will input
to any application that has the current focus, word processors, databases
... it doesn't care.

You can find it at  http://www.taltech.com/

Good Luck,

Bill Nussbaumer  (I don't work for them ... just used the product)

aflaloc at bgumail.bgu.ac.il on 02/01/99 08:46:20 AM

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Subject:  excel macro for RS232 data exchange (I/O)

Is anybody out there familiar with data acquisition from a serial port
directly into excel. I know the basic commands for my instrument, I just
need some hints (maybe a sample spreadsheet) on how to
1. establish the communication with a COM port from within excel (Win 3.1,
2. send data (keyword commands) to the instrument through the port
3. recieve data (formatted text) in excel
Thanks for any lead,
Claude Aflalo ######################## Phones: Office 972-7-6472118 ####
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