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New Bioethics Software
Exclusive Instructional Software- $39.95

Now enter into the realm of genetics and human dignity, worlds of
complex realities where you participate in the decisions that change
civilizations. This is a journey of knowledge that introduces you to
the basics of genes and DNA, genetic engineering, and bioethics.
Through the lives of three unique personalities, discover the personal
conflicts that come with advanced research into ethically sensitive
topics. Decide their fate and be willing to face the consequences when
you are asked to accept responsibility for your decisions.

Option X begins with an exploration of the key structures involved in
the process of genetic alteration. With a review of basic cell
structures, leading into an interactive exploration of DNA and the
components that control cell growth, this CD-Rom provides the
foundation of knowledge that allows students to grasp the intricate
nature of genetics.

Providing core curriculum content in Senior High Biology, Option X
carries that information to the next level of interactivity. Students
explore controversial issues in genetic research through the eyes of
three individuals. The STS (Science and technology in Society)
component is brought to life through Mark, Tasha and Ryan who are all
dealing with delicate situations that are a part of their careers or
private lives. By exploring their position on these situations, they
investigate genetic research and ethical concerns.

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