Free Molbio Programs

Rolf Kocherhans rolfk at vetvir.unizh.ch
Fri Dec 17 10:24:49 EST 1999

I wrote a few practical and simple to use programs which facilitate your
daily work in the lab such as predicting the size of DNA fragments after
digestion (graphical) with restriction enzymes.

I would like to make these programs accessible to a broad user group by the
Internet. All programs have been tested on MacOS and Windows95/98/NT.

My programs are accessible over the WWW and made functional using Netscape
3.x or Internet Explorer 3.x or higher in association with a free plugin
which you have to download and install first.

This is what you have to do:

- Download the SuperCard WEB plugin for your platform from:


install it on your computer.

- Then connect to:


That's it !!

Find here a few example descriptions of my programs:

a. Digest Preview:
Enter the size(s) of your DNA fragment(s) and see their migration pattern
in a virtual gel in comparison to a 1 kb ladder.

b. Adapter Design:
Helps to create in frame adapters in order to link incompatible DNA ends

c. Dilution Calculator:
Does all the calculations when you have to make up solutions

There are many other programs such as Oligo Tm, Compatible ends etc.

Please have a look, comments are welcome !

Rolf Kocherhans

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