assembly software

Crepineau florent crepinau at sb-roscoff.fr
Fri Dec 10 09:19:56 EST 1999

   Sequencher is nice to use but a bit slow when assembling. I usually did
it overnight.

Phred/Phrap/consed is powerful however as already mentioned the editing
part is not very user friendly and as mentioned a few very useful
possibilities are not available.

Has anyone mentioned the Staden package? I think it can do assembly and it
is free now.

Acembly which goes with ACEDB database can do assembly as well.

TIGR assembler can do assembly, assembled sequences can be edited in GDE
or consed.

You may have a look at the EBI, they have a database of software, maybe
you could find something interesting.

Hope it helps


Florent Crépineau
Station Biologique de Roscoff
BP 74
29682 Roscoff cedex

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