DNATools revision 5.1.647

S.W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Tue Dec 7 18:36:49 EST 1999

Dear DNATools user,

This revision contains a number of improvements and refinements especially
relevant for people using DNATools to manage small (4-6,000) EST projects: 

The speed of file loading has been improved a bit, the structure of sequence
headers has been refined to facilitate searching, selected search results can be
viewed by right-clicking items in file lists or in the main editor form (without 
first opening the sequence header), sub-groups of sequences can easily be 
extracted from a project with the 'Close File' and 'Search Project' functions 
(this makes it a simple operation to repeat database searching for sequences 
with poor blast match), building local data libraries (with NCBI, formatdb) and 
batch-searching the project (with NCBI, Blast) now works quite well.

The functions for SAGE (serial analysis of gene expression) analysis now allows
you to retrieve tags from the dropdown lists simply typing a few character of
the tag ID or its sequence in the dropdown box.

A number of small bugs here and there have been removed (which does not imply
that DNATools is bug-free!!) 

You can read more about this revision of DNATools if you visit:


PS. Looking at the log file for our ftp site, it appears that many people have
problems downloading the large (app. 7Mb) installation file. It is now possible
to download DNATools in three separate zip-files.


Soeren W. Rasmussen, Dr. scient.
Department of Physiology
Carlsberg Laboratory
Copenhagen, Denmark
swr at crc.dk, http://www.crc.dk/phys

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