INFOGENE: 12 organisms GENES/NEW SEARCH Possibility

Victor Solovyev solovyev at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Aug 27 10:11:37 EST 1999

 INFOGENE: Installed GENES_in_PICTURES for 12 organisms/divisions
              (DATABASE of Eukaryotic GENES)

   It is available at http://genomic.sanger.ac.uk/ of
             Computational Genomic Group WEB server
New options!!!:
- You can save an Infogene record using Action menu and Obtain Infogene
locus option (with or without sequence)
- Realized search of context (select Search filds (among many specific
  lines of Infogen database) and print your word in left down corner)
  For example you can find all genes which have start of transcription
  annotated in GeneBank: Select Context in Option menu,
  select onlt TSP field in SearchFilds, put * in search window and Enter.

To see all information about gene in the locus:
    Put mouse pointer to gene block
   in upper window and push and keep right mouse button
   (shift key + push and click right mouse button will permanently
    show this information)
LocusInfo button will show a head of locus which shows how mane GenBank
entries included in it.
   (More details see Help in Java window!)

Divisions included:

Human genes data
Other Primates genes data
Mus musculus genes data
Other Rodenta genes data
Other Mammalia genes data
Other Vertebrata genes data
Drosophila melanogaster genes data
Caenorhabditis elegans genes data
Other Invertebrata genes data
Saccharomyces cerevisiae genes data
Arabidopsis thaliana genes data
Other eukaryotes from GB *.pln genes data

This page includes Java viewer of Infogene entries which present
information about GenBank genes. This information might be collected from
dozens GenBanki locuses. Infogen consists of 2 parts: Known genes
and Predicted genes. Now we present known genes information for visul
inspection of key component of gene structure and using this information
in your research.

 Human.infogene file includes about 2000 complete and 8000 partial genes, 14000
complete and 2000
partial coding regions, 37000 exons, about 40000 donor and acceptor splice
sites, ... Drosophila.infogene
file includes about 900 complete and 800 partial genes, 2500 complete and 1000
partial coding regions,
3800 exons, about 3000 donor and acceptor splice sites, ... This informatin can
be applied to create
different sets of these gene component for extraction their significant
characteristics used in gene
prediction systems.

Victor Solovyev
The Sanger Centre, Hinxton, Cambridge CB10 1SA, UK
Email: solovyev at sanger.ac.uk  http://genomic.sanger.ac.uk
Phone: 44-1223-494799  FAX:   44-1223-494919

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