Announcing the release of SeqVerter v.1.5 for Windows

John Barlow john_q_barlow at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 26 16:13:43 EST 1999

New feature: Mac, PC, and Unix text file format compatible

Announcing the release of SeqVerter v.1.5 for Windows - "The intuitive and easy 
to use sequence format converter for Windows" (http://www.genestudio.com)

SeqVerter v.1.5 is a free sequence file format conversion utility by 
GeneStudio, Inc.  SeqVerter encapsulates a small subset of the features offered 
by GeneStudio, the complete sequence analysis software suite.  GeneStudio suite 
will be released in the near future.

SeqVerter features:

Advanced sequence file format conversion
Open sequences from multiple source files simultaneously 
View sequences 
Select a subset of sequences for conversion 
Merge sequences from different source files into one multiple sequence file 
Split sequences from multiple sequence files into individual (single) sequence 
Trim ends of automatic sequencer-generated files 
Set your favorite default output format 
Enter file headers required by the GenBank Sequence Submission and Update Tool, 

Advanced editing functions of PHYLIP format files for molecular phylogeny 
analysis.  These editing functions may be also used to manipulate other 
multiple sequence file formats, such as CLUSTAL, MSF, NEXUS, and TreeCon.
Flush ends of alignment files 
Compress alignments (delete empty columns) 
Delete alignment columns containing gaps (de-gap) 
Delete alignment columns containing nonstandard characters (e.g., unresolved 
Easily remove a single species (sequence) or several species from the alignment 
and the analysis 

File format compatibility
Read: ABI traces, Clustal, DCSE, DNASIS, DNAStar, DNAStrider, EMBL, FASTA, GDE, 
GenBank, IBI/Pustell, Macaw, MSF, Nexus/PAUP, PHYLIP Interleaved, PIR/NBRF, SCF 
2.0 and SCF 3.0 traces, Swiss-Prot, and TreeCon. 
Write: Clustal, DNASIS, DNAStar, FASTA and FASTA-SequIn, GenBank, IBI/Pustell, 
MSF, Nexus/PAUP, PHYLIP Interleaved, and TreeCon. 
Full export and import compatibility with Mac, PC, and Unix text file formats.

One button updates 
SeqVerter makes it easy to keep up to date with GeneStudio's Active Update 
feature. If you have an Internet connection, all you have to do is press the 
"Update" button in the main window, and SeqVerter will automatically download 
the latest update information from the GeneStudio Internet server. If an update 
is available, SeqVerter can install it for you automatically. 

Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

The GeneStudio Team
genestudio at genestudio.com

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