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Thu Aug 19 12:15:03 EST 1999

Dear Netters,

I am looking for a possibility to take part in a bio-informatics project
preferably dealing with the development of software for analysis of
sequences. I would like to interact with a team working on such a

My qualification:

Programming languages:
  C, C++, perl, Tcl/Tk, pascal, Delphi
Operation systems:
  Linux, Windows 95/NT
  English (fluently)
  Russian (native)
Age: 22 m

Education: 4 years Applied Math, the Novosibirsk State University

Experience: enquire for sample programs

Biological background: helped to write software dealing with nucleotide
sequences by writing some objects, blocks, units and small programs
(on multifurcating trees).
Acquaintatnt to an introductory literature in the field and very much

I would be happy to be modestly paid depending on my performance.

Please respond to sherb at mail.ru


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