[Announce] www.MolBio.org -- New Biology Portal

Alan Williams Alan at MolBio.org
Tue Aug 17 05:52:58 EST 1999

There is a new web portal for all things related to molecular biology and 
bioinformatics (including the related fields of cell biology, biochemistry,
genetics, genomics, and biotechnology). Currently www.MolBio.org provides 
a news service where the web community can post information related to 
molecular biology (et al.) and bioinformatics. In addition to the news
service, www.MolBio.org provides spam free discussion groups. 

Do you have information to share such as:
   - Conference                - Press Release
   - Course                    - Protocol
   - News Bite                 - Software
   - Research Finding          - Tip
   - Database                  - Web Site
   - FTP Site                  - Web Based Program/Tool
   - Mailing List              - Other
Related to the fields of:
   - Biochemistry              - Biotechnology/Biotech
   - Cell Biology              - Computational Biology
   - Genetics                  - Genomics
   - Molecular Biology         - Other
Then please submit it to www.MolBio.org via the news form at
http://www.molbio.org/postnews.cgi. The more info you post, the
more useful www.MolBio.org will be. The information you post
doesn't need to originate from yourself -- it can be anything
you come across in searching the web, reading a journal, 
browsing bionet, etc... If in doubt, post it!

If you have any questions, comments, or requests -- feel free to 
contact me at Alan at MolBio.org.

Alan Williams

ps -- www.MolBio.org is loosely setup as a slashdot (www.slashdot.org) 
      for biology.

      Follow-ups have been directed to bionet.software.www

Alan Williams           
University of California, Riverside   "Where observation is concerned,
Dept. of Botany and Plant Sciences     chance favors the prepared mind."  
Alan at MolBio.org                                   -- Louis Pasteur

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