TESS is available again

Jonathan Schug jschug at cbil.upenn.edu
Mon Aug 16 14:20:48 EST 1999

TESS (Transcription Element Search Software) is available again at


It has been unavailable for the last 3 weeks.  TESS was also previously
hosted at agave.humgen.upenn.edu; that URL is no longer valid.

This is a new version of TESS which has the following new features:

  () Results are sortable after the search. 
  () Reports and optionally uses similarity score for matrices. 
  () Expanded Java applet for viewing search results. 
  () TESS can email search results to you in tabular form. 
  () The default value for the pseudocounts have set to 0.1 and 
     log-likelihood thresholds adjusted for better overall accuracy. 
  () There are forms for querying the IMD and CBIL databases of 
     positional weight matrices.

Thanks for using TESS and for any inconvenience our outage may have 

Jonathan Schug

Computational Biology and Informatics Laboratory        
Center for Bioinformatics
1315 Blockley Hall
University of Pennsylvania        
Phila., PA  19104-6021

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