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Piotr Kozbial piotrk at ibb.waw.pl
Sun Aug 15 11:09:05 EST 1999

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> > >Can somone convince me that Linux must be the way to go for a UNIX
> > >PC box? Thanks for any advice.
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Incyte Pharmaceuticals: "The Linux OS is extremely important to
Incyte's ability to process huge amounts of data cost effectively,"
said Stuart Jackson, bioinformatics project manager at Incyte.
"Incyte has used a number of VA Linux System servers since 1998,
and it is VA's commitment to Linux that led to Incyte's decision to
select the company's products." 


In the text above there is no information that Incyte runs Linux on PCs.
Huge databases (over ~5GB) run better on 64bit processors. I think that
you should consider the following options: 

a) Linux on Intel (32bit) - cost effective
b) Linux on Alfa (64bit)
c) Solaris on Sparc (64bit) - the best solution now

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P.S. Forget about Solaris on Intel (32bit).

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