alpha version Serf

Dick Leseman d.leseman at worldonline.nl
Fri Aug 13 04:33:24 EST 1999

The first alpha version of Serf for Windows95, a program to analyse
electrophysiological data obtained with AxoLab (PC) or AxoGraph (Mac)
hard- and soft-ware is now available from


Some Features:
** Simple, intuitive "visual" program layout.
** No need to switch between multiple programs to obtain your figure at
** Fast: No useless options, few dialogue windows, lots of short-cuts
and  hence a minimum of mouseclicking to do, resulting in a gain of time
(easily a factor of 10, which was the main reason to make the program).
** By using copy and paste functions from the menu, data from the input
window may be copied to a  spreadsheet or to a drawing sheet resulting
in a column of numbers or a graph respectively.
** The path from input to graph may involve a single step or multiple
steps using a spreadsheet  to hold and  manipulate temporary data.
** Curve fitting using either build-in or user-defined functions can be
carried out in each of the three types of  window.
** Markov simulation of unitary currents.
** Data other than AxoLab files (PClamp, Axograph) may be imported in
(tab-delimited) ASCII format.

Yours, Jan de Weille, Valbonne, France

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