primer design script for UNIX

Kirsten Peter Rabitsch k.p.rabitsch at gmx.net
Thu Aug 12 10:03:15 EST 1999

Does anybody know a nifty PERL or CSH script which designs primers just
like those online primer design ressources?
I would need it to design a large amount of primers which I afterwards
want to check locally by searching with FASTA trough a database to get
rid of those primers which are to similar to other sequences in the S.
cerevisiae genome.
The local primer design script would have the big advantage that I could
automatise the whole procedure locally on my linux box and afterwards
only have to pick the primers I like from a rather big report file.
If you do know something like this (my search in the web didn't yield
any results) please answer.

Kirsten Peter Rabitsch

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