Statistics/Graphing Software for Mac

Eric Anderson sula2 at erols.com
Tue Aug 10 09:37:50 EST 1999

I've been out of the lab for a few years (working on the MD part of my
MD/PhD) and so I've lost track of the graphing and statistics programs
that people are using on the Mac.  

We're in need of a basic program something that can do more than Excel and
quite a bit less than Statistica.

In previous labs I've used Delta Graph (which I can't find anymore), Sigma
Plot (which appears to only be available for Windoze now) and Cricket
Graph (any program with Cricket in the title is hard to respect and I
never liked it anyway).

I'm giving GraphPad a shot right now, but any other recommendations, or
pointers to Mac Versions of Delta Graph and/or Sigma Plot would be greatly



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