unBLASTable sequence?

Richard Moore rmoore at doppel.ucsf.edu
Mon Aug 9 18:40:56 EST 1999

Dear unBLASTable,

The bit of your sequence which has been replaced by a row of Xs is
either repetitive or of "low complexity". To me this looks like its the
case as this part of your sequence has a run of prolines. Try
de-selecting this filter by turning off the filter option next time you
run blast. Not all web forms for blast give you this option. Try looking
around for web sites which give you more control over your search. The
NCBI -BLAST site advanced search allows you to turn off this filter. Of
course this will result in lots of hits with other proline rich
sequences ...just fiddle around with  all the options on BLAST until it
works the way you want it to.

Richard C Moore, PhD
Prusiner Lab
University of California San Francisco
Tel: (415) 502 1949
Fax: (415) 476 8386

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