EDTECH Shareware Again

F. Dail Singleton, Jr. fdails at hal-pc.org
Sun Aug 1 19:18:11 EST 1999

About 2 weeks ago EDTECH (EDitor for TECHnical graphics)  V3.0 was
newly made available on the web, but since then more testing revealed so
many problems that we have produced V3.01 with many internal changes. 
Those of you who already downloaded it should do so again, and I
apologize for the repeat.  Now memory use is actually less so that it
can run slowly on an 8Mb machine.

  See its description and download the trial version (same features as
regular version) at


EDTECH 3.01 for Win95/98/NT lets you produce scientific-style XY-plots
and other high-resolution, highly detailed black-and-white line graphics
suitable for publication in technical reports and journals.

                           Dail Singleton, PhD
                           Digital Analytics of Texas
                           fdails at DAofTX.com

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