Andrew Martin amartin at stagleys.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 30 16:45:10 EST 1999

Robert Kingsbury (rob at genome.clemson.edu) wrote:
: Arne Mueller wrote:

: > They should add a blast
: > outputformat that's more machine readable, I mean witch certain fileds
: > for certain data. Blast output is/was intended to be readable for
: > humans, but I suppose nobody redas a 10MB psi-blast file ... ;-)

: I *really* agree with this. When we started to index our blast results
: last year, I had to write some pretty ugly parsers (in perl) for the
: different types and sorts of output. I am really surprissed that they
: have worked as decently as they have because the coding was ... well ..
: ugly. =)

There was a recent suggestion that BLAST should output its results in
XML - now that would be really nice. Easily parsable with freely
available parsers and easily human readable. With appropriate style
sheets the files could be displayed nicely formatted in a Web browser
too. Really cool...


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