Bioperl Central Distribution 0.05

Steve Chervitz sac at neomorphic.com
Thu Apr 29 20:59:06 EST 1999

Bioperl: Reusable Perl Modules for Bioinformatics

The next major release of the bioperl central distribution is now
available (version 0.05). The complete list of changes is included
at the end of this message. There are a number of overall design
& engineering improvements. Highlights include:

  * Improved Blast parsing and support for network Blasting.
  * Access to local and remote databases.
  * New, extensible sequence format parsing architecture.
  * Beginnings of a script repository.
  * More extensive test suite.

Perl version 5.004 or later is strongly recommended.
Bioperl release website: http://bio.perl.org/Core/Latest/

Download directly:
  ftp://bio.perl.org/pub/DIST/bioperl-0.05.tar.gz  (0.8M)
  ftp://bio.perl.org/pub/DIST/bioperl-0.05.zip     (1.0M)

or from Stanford:


Steve A. Chervitz (on behalf of the Bioperl developers)
Bioperl Coordinator
sac at neomorphic.com

Revision history for Bioperl core modules (from the Changes file)

0.05  Sun Apr 25 01:14:11 1999
        - Bio::Tools::Blast modules have less memory problems
          and faster parsing. Webblast uses LWP and supports
          more functionality. See Bio/Tools/Blast/CHANGES for more.
        - The Bio::SeqIO system has been started, moving the
          sequence reformatting code out of the sequence object
        - The Bio::Index:: system has been started, providing
          generic index capabilities and specifically works for
          Fasta formatted databases and EMBL .dat formatted
        - The Bio::DB:: system started, providing access to
          databases, both via flat file + index (see above) and
          via http to NCBI
        - The scripts/ directory, where industrial strength scripts
          are put has been started.
        - Many changes - a better distribution all round.
Steve A. Chervitz
sac at neomorphic.com

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