Windows version for PUZZLE 4.0.2

Korbinian Strimmer strimmer at mips.biochem.mpg.de
Fri Apr 30 04:45:12 EST 1999

Windows executables for PUZZLE now available (v.4.0.2)

April 1999

Korbinian Strimmer
Arndt von Haeseler

Following the recent maintainance release of the PUZZLE
software in February there has been a growing demand for
precompiled Windows executables for that version.

We are happy announce the availability of exactly such
a package, available as "puzzle-402.zip".  It contains
a precompiled executable that runs on Windows 95/98/NT.

The version number is increased (from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2)
because a number of smaller source code changes such as
an internal rearrangement of rate matrices (including a
more accurate BLOSUM 62 matrix) and the installation of
a "quit" option in the menu have been introduced as well.

PUZZLE 4.0.2 is available from:


PUZZLE is a maximum likelihood program for analysis of
molecular sequence data.

PUZZLE is written in ANSI C.  It will run on most computers
if compiled by an appropriate C compiler (e.g., gcc).
Precompiled executables are available for MacOS (PPC)
and Windows 95/98/NT.

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