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Bob MacCallum this.is at not.my.address.ok
Fri Apr 30 08:51:43 EST 1999

[posted here because bionet.software.www seems to be asleep]

The Biomolecular Modelling Laboratory,
Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London

announces a new sequence database searching service:

SAWTED - Structure Assignment With Text Description


some blurb:

SAWTED stands for Structure Assignment With Text
Description. It is a method to improve the coverage of the
detection of remote homologues of known structure by
sequence searches (e.g. PSI-BLAST) and fold recognition

SAWTED automates the process of comparing functional
information for the query and poor scoring database hits.
It uses a text comparison algorithm and SWISS-PROT
annotations, and has been fully benchmarked.  A paper
is currently under review for publication.

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