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Paul Melville pmelville at sdlintl.com
Thu Apr 29 07:42:08 EST 1999

Many major players in the global IT and related industries are finding that
over 60% of their revenues are coming from the International marketplace.
Looked at another way, less than 40% of their revenue is from the UK/US
market. More significant still is the year on year growth rate of that
International sector.

As early as 1995 Microsoft stated in its annual report that "growth rates
continue to be strong due to customer acceptance of newly localized
products, particularly in Japan, and early entrance into emerging markets."

The value of localizing software and user interfaces is no longer in
question. Localization can lead to greater potential for the introduction of
products, both in terms of penetration of new emerging markets, and by
allowing you to reach more users in existing areas. It helps you maintain
customer satisfaction in the face of increasing demands and expectations
from International customers. It is often essential to meet legal
requirements and last but not least, it helps you maintain a competitive
advantage over other product vendors.

Imagine how successful the IT market would be in the US and Europe if the
only language software was released in was Japanese. Now imagine the
potential for the company that release it's software products in English.
Now turn this around and you will understand the frustration of non-English
speakers who want to use Information Technology.

For more information on the benefits of Software Localization and how it can
help your company, please contact me at the address below.

Paul Melville
SDL International
mailto:pmelville at sdlintl.com

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