seeking Java code for molecular biology apps

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Excellent answers given above.

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George Armhold wrote:
> I am interested in hearing of any freely-available Java
> implementations of software for molecular biology.  There is certainly
> no dearth of Perl implementations, but I have seen very little done in
> Java.  If you have written or have access to some code you would like
> to share, please drop me a note.  Depending on the response I get, I
> am considering setting up some sort of repository similar to what they
> have done on http://bio.perl.org.
> A few words about my motivation.  I am a programmer relatively new to
> the field of Bioinformatics.  I've certainly written my share of Perl
> code, and recognize its value.  At the present time, nothing can beat
> Perl when it comes to parsing text, which is a task performed
> constantly in this field.  However there are times when Perl is
> downright frustrating to use due to its lack of support for complex
> data structures.  The text-parsing abilities of Java are gradually
> improving, and IMHO some applications would benefit from being written
> in Java, even considering the relatively poor state of its
> text-parsing code at the present moment compared to Perl.
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