Arne Mueller a.mueller at icrf.icnet.uk
Tue Apr 27 16:46:31 EST 1999

armhold at topside.rutgers.edu wrote:
> In article <3700C516.93CB62DD at icrf.icnet.uk>,
> I wrote some short PERL code for parsing PSI-BLAST output for one of
> our applications.  It's fairly tailored to our project, but if you can
> grok PERL you can probably figure out how to tailor it to your needs.
> Mail me if you want a copy.
> PS: Is anyone else bothered by the BLAST docs mentioning that the output
> is supposed to be non-parseble?


Thanks for that offer - but I just wrote my own parser ;-) (in python)
which looks for certain keywords in a psi-blast/blast file, hopefully
it'll survive the next blast version ... . They should add a blast
outputformat that's more machine readable, I mean witch certain fileds
for certain data. Blast output is/was intended to be readable for
humans, but I suppose nobody redas a 10MB psi-blast file ... ;-)



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