PlasmidDrawing for Mac?

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Mon Apr 26 05:29:15 EST 1999

Harry Mangalam wrote:
> What would you like to see for plasmid drawing? (Or anything else for
> that matter..)
> I'm willing to consider just about anything, but you'll probably have a
> bit of a wait..

Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> I have been entertaining this idea as well. If I had the time :-( I would
> try to write a package consisting of several programs

Keith James wrote:
> If I come up with anything useful I'd be happy to offer it to anyone
> working on an open source plasmid tool (it's early days, though).

As Harry knows very well (he has offered his help ;) there is a new GNU project
called Loci that...

    Is a system of servers and clients. 
    Communicates with other systems across an intra/Internet. 
    Allows for bioinformatics collaboratories across an intra/Internet. 
    Gives command-line programs and databases a consistent look and feel. 
    Has built-in support for sequence and structure analyses of macromolecules. 
    Provides native support for phylogenetics and systematics. 
    Includes a library of basic analysis tools. 
    Produces both 2D diagrams and 3D models. 
    Treats biological data as scientific illustrations. 
    Provides drawing tools and a materials library for figure construction. 
    Tracks the system's work path with a flow chart. 
    Automatically logs activity in an HTML-based electronic notebook. 
    Includes utilities for building applications and extending the system. 
    Is free!

Of course we are very much interested in plasmid drawing, and would love to have
anyone help implement a "locus" with the features mentioned on the newsgroup.

    Loci:  http://theopenlab.uml.edu/loci/

Loci is hosted by The Open Lab, which would like to host any GNU-licensed, GTK
applications for bioinformatics.  Research projects are open as well:


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