distance between amino acids and sequences

Ernst-Ludwig Brust ErnstLudwig at t-online.de
Sun Apr 18 04:03:59 EST 1999

Lev Zhivotovsky wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Would you please let me know what's known about how to calculate distance
> between two amino acids based on biochemical properties of the molecules ?
> Additional question then is how to compute distance between two amino acid
> sequencies of equal length that differ from each at several positions.
> Is there any computer program to get the distance matrix for a set of amino
> acid sequences ?
> Thank you in advance,
> Lev Zhivotovsky
Dear Mr. Zhivotovsky,
i am a mathmatican and i try to write a application system for molecular 
biologists that can handle Problems like Yours. 
It will be a programm-system that deals primarly with the
It will have a modern grafical user-interface and will have very fast 
searching algorithms, programmed in MS c++. 
The compare-method will base on well-known algorithm like LCS or
Levenshtein, but will be improved by "memory-effects".

My Problem is now, that i don't know very much about the real Problems 
of practical requirements in this area (my knowing ist very
So it would be very interesting for me, to know more about Your typical
Thank You
Ernst-Ludwg Brust
Birkenweg 36
79589 Binzen

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