ISESS 1999 - Int.Symp.on Enviromental Software Systems

Gerald Schimak schimak at arcs.ac.at
Thu Apr 15 15:29:58 EST 1999

                           CONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT


                             PRELIMINARY PROGRAM

                      Third International Symposium on
                       Environmental Software Systems

                               ISESS 1999

                      August 30 - September 2, 1999

                           University of Otago

                          Dunedin,  New Zealand


Due to increasing practical needs, the software support of environmental
and research tasks is growing in importance and scope. Environmental
Information Systems (EIS) are an important factor in environmental
decision support, management and policy. The subject is still growing in
a multi-
disciplinary work environment which changes quickly. Perhaps this is the
major challenge
we face as the practical need for the software support of environmental
and research tasks continues to grow.

ISESS, the International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems,
was initiated
in 1995 as a forum in which to present and discuss the fundamentals,
progress and
actual trends in this area in terms of methods, tools and
state-of-the-art applications.
Over the years, it has also evolved into an important networking tool
for academics,
environmental professionals, and other interested parties.

Now in its fourth incarnation, these conferences on Environmental
Informatics continue
to be co-sponsored by the International Federation for Information
Processing (IFIP),
the world's umbrella organization of computer societies. The upcoming
ISESS 1999
conference is being held at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New
Its three predecessors were held at Penn State University, USA (1995),
at Whistler Resort,
Canada (1997), and in the Nature Parc Soelk Valleys in Styria, Austria


The University of Otago in Dunedin, located on the south island, is one
of the most
important and renowned universities in New Zealand, and as such is the
ideal location
for the first symposium on Environmental Informatics to be held in the
southern hemisphere.
The Conference will be held at the Commerce Building ot the University.


Keynote Lectures
to be announced!

Technical papers

N.W.T. Quinn.  A Decision Support System for Real-Time Management of
Water Quality in the San Joaquin River, California.

W.J. Walley, et.al.  Self-Organising Maps for the Classification and
of River Quality from Biological and Environmental Data.

C. Lichy, et.al.  B-Spline Surface Modelling with Adaptive de Boor Grids

in Hydroinformatics.

C. Maul.  What Would a Reusable Meteorology Component for Environmental
Models Look Like?

R. Pillep, et.al.  Complete Integration of the Enterprise Environmental
Management into Production Information Systems.

C. Maul.  The Use of Modified Modelling Language (UML) for Model Design
and Scientific Software Development.

P. Fischer.  Geomatics Technology for High-Level Products in
Monitoring & Nature Management.

V. Keskisarja, et.al.  WWW-technology based hydrological information and

decision support system.

V. Wohlgemuth, et.al.  Development of a Library for Exposure Assessment
of Chemicals in the Environment using EXTEND.

J. Hendee, et.al.  Expert System Generated Coral Bleaching Alerts for
Myrmidon Reef, Great Barrier Reef.

G. Schimak.  A computer-based emission inventory - Practical concepts to

support regional air quality planning.

E. Stabel, et.al.  ERS-SAR Interferometric Products for the Urban
Application Domain.

L. Lilburne, et.al.  Soil quality indicators on the world wide web.

R.M. Argent.  Integration of Remote Data into Water Resources
Simulation Software:  Now or Never?

A. Jolma, et.al.  Water utility benchmarking website:  an environmental

S.M. Veitch.  Lessons from an Environmental Information System
Developed to Select a Radioactive Waste Disposal Site.

W.J. Young, et.al.  Integrated assessments of river health using
decision support software.

L.F. Leon, et.al.  WATFLOOD/Water Quality Model Integration in a
Decision Support System.

W.G. Booty, et.al.  Assessment of Ecological Responses to
Environmental Flow Regimes using a Deicsion Support System Framework.

S. Mann, et.al.  Patterns of Use of Computer Support for
Environmental Accreditation in Rural New Zealand.

S. Dorner, et.al.  Case-based Reasoning for Screening Agricultural

R. Guettler, et.al.  An Integration Tool for EIS Networks.

R. Denzer, et.al.  A Suggested Curriculum for Environmatics Education.


At least two half-day workshops will be held. The following topics have
been finalized

W1 Environmetrics Education
W2 Water Resource Management

International Program Committee

R.M. Argent, Australia
G. Benwell, New Zealand
R. Davis, Australia
E.E. Doberkat, Germany
P. Fischer, Italy
R. Gruetzner, Germany
G. Guariso, Italy
O. Guenther, Germany
R. Guettler, Germany
W. Haas, Austria
A. Jaeschke, Germany
T. Jakeman, Austria
S. Jennings, U.S.
D.C.L. Lam, Canada
R. Lenz, Germany
A. McMillan, Canada
C. Mayfield, Canada
B. Page, Germany
W. Pillmann, Austria
M. Purvis, New Zealand
Th. Rhyne, U.S.
D. Russell, U.S.
   Valentini, Italy
S. Veitch, Austria
W. Walley, United Kingdom
W. Young, Australia
M. Zingler, Italy


Otago and New Zealand

Known for its beautiful landscape and nature, New Zealand is worth the
trip not
only for participation in ISESS 1999. We are currently preparing a list
of web
sites for your convenience. Although August is New Zealand's winter, the
is usually moderate and conditions are often sunny.

The University of Otago lies in the city of Dunedin, which is located on
the shores
of the Southern Pacific Ocean and offers a number of attractions,
including a penguin
colony and the only mainland colony of royal albatrosses in the world.
Both attractions
are worth visiting and are located within a couple of kilometers from
Dunedin is also a good starting point for trips into some of the most
attractive areas
of New Zealand. A trip to Queenstown offers many possibilities: a visit
to the world
famous rain forests on the west coast (Doubtful Sound), skiing The
Coronet Peak and some of the most well-known heli-skiing areas in the
southern hemisphere,
or just enjoying the beautiful area and the international food offered.
This includes
Japanese food and the most southerly-located (and excellent) Indian
restaurant of the world.

The vast majority of flights (except from Australia) stop in Auckland.
All flights from
Auckland to Dunedin are 1-stop (either Christchurch or Wellington). It
takes 50 minutes to
fly from Auckland to Christchurch and another 50 minutes from
Christchurch to Dunedin.
You may also make Christchurch your final destination and enjoy a drive
along the coast.
Both Auckland and Christchurch airports have excellent restaurant and
showering service.
If you belong to One World or Star Alliance, then there are showering
services in those
lounges, but they are on the "air side". Auckland airport also offers a
dayroom service,
where you may relax for a couple of hours.

If you make Christchurch your final destination:
A very good and reasonably priced hotel, the Airport Plaza, is within
walking distance
of Christchurch airport. The International Antarctic Center with
exhibitions is also located
within walking distance. You can proceed from Christchurch to Dunedin by
car, bus or train.
Rental cars are available at the airport and it takes approximately 5
hours to drive to Dunedin.
The schedule for the Intercity Coach Lines is located at
Please note that most cars in New Zealand have a standard
(non-automatic) transmission,
and that you will be driving on the left-hand side of the road. Some
automatics are available
on request. Cars are expensive if you do not hire in advance.

If you make Dunedin your final destination:
Dunedin Airport is about 20km from the University. At the airport you
can get a taxi for
approximately $45 New Zealand dollars (30 minutes) or a shuttle bus for
$10-15 New Zealand dollars (door-to-door service in an hour) to the
city, where Otago’s
main campus is located. Bus Service is available as well.


Please note that the conference organizers will not become involved with
any arrangements
for accommodations. This is the responsibility of the attendees. Prices
for St. Margaret’s
College and the University of Otago Executive Residence have been
established. All other
prices are for reference only and subject to change.

St. Margaret’s College
Accommodation has been arranged at St. Margaret’s College, a University
Hall of
Residence, located right at the Campus and 10 minutes from downtown
Dunedin. The College
offers a well-equipped facility, including a library, sport hall, music
hall and computers
with email connections.  Rooms are single only with bathroom facilities
being shared.
These rooms are available for $55 New Zealand dollars from August 28 -
September 4. To make
reservations please call 011-64-3-477-3429 or fax 011-64-3-479-0146.

University of Otago Executive Residence
68 Forth Street
Phone:  011-64-3-479-9150
Fax:  011-64-3-479-9180
Single Room:  $90.00 New Zealand dollars
Double Room:  $100.00 New Zealand dollars
Twin Rooms:  $105.00 New Zealand dollars
Includes: Bed & Breakfast and morning paper.

Other accomodation

Alcala Motor Lodge
Corner George & St David Streets
Phone:  011-64-3-477-9073
Fax:  011-64-3-477-9073
Reservations Free Phone:  0800-503-883
Single Room:  $76.00 New Zealand dollars
Double Room:  $84.00 New Zealand dollars

Allan Court Motel
590 George Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-7526
Fax:  011-64-477-4937
Email: allan.court at earthlight.co.nz
Single & Double Rooms:  $88.00 New Zealand dollars per unit

Cable Court Motel
833 Cumberland Street
Phone:  011-64-3-3525
Fax:  011-64-3-474-0382
Reservations Free Phone:  0800-838-525
Single & Double Rooms:  $79.50 New Zealand dollars

Cargills Motor Inn
678 George Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-7983
Fax:  011-64-3-477-8098
Reservations Free Phone:  0800-737-378
Single & Double Rooms:  $90.00 New Zealand dollars

Commodore Luxury Motel & Apartments
924-946 Cumberland Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-7766
Fax:  011-64-3-477-7750
Reservations Free Phone:  0800-800-233
Single & Double Rooms:  $85.00 New Zealand dollars

Cumberland Motel
821 Cumberland Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-1321
Fax:  011-64-3-477-1320
Single Rooms:  $74.00 New Zealand dollars
Double Rooms:  $89.00 New Zealand dollars

Farrys Motel
575 George Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-9333
Fax:  011-64-3-477-9038
Reservations Free Phone:  800-109-333
Single & Double Rooms:  $92.00 New Zealand dollars

Regal Court Motels
755 George Street
Phone:  011-64-3-477-7729
Fax:  011-64-3-477-7729
Reservations Free Phone:  0800-473-425
Single Rooms:  $88.00 New Zealand dollars per unit
Double Rooms:  $92.00 New Zealand dollars per unit

Further information

Further information about New Zealand can be found at: www.nztb.govt.nz
Further information about Dunedin and the surrounding area can be found
at: www.atoz-nz.com


International Federation for Information Processing, IFIP, WG 5.11
German Informatics Society, WG 4.6
Environmental Informatics Institute
Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf


Conference home page: http://isess.crle.uoguelph.ca

Conference Manager:
Linda Robson, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Email:  linda at snowhite.cis.uoguelph.ca

Conference Chair:
Prof. Dr. Ralf Denzer, Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft des
Saarlandes, Germany
Email: denzer at htw.uni-sb.de

Conference Co-Chairs:
Prof. Dr. Martin Purvis, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
Email:  purvis at commerce.otago.ac.nz
Prof. Dr. David A. Swayne, University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
Email:  dswayne at uoguelph.ca

Program Chair:
Dipl. Ing. Gerald Schimak, Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf, Austria

Email:  schimak at zdfs.arcs.ac.at

Registration Guidelines

Conference Registration
Register below; registrations with payment received at our conference
office before
June 30, 1999 will be subject to the reduced early conference fee.  For
member rates,
we need your membership number.

Hotel Registration
St. Margaret’s College and the University of Otago Executive Residence
will hold rooms
for conference participants. You must have registered for the conference
first, in order
to receive the guaranteed conference rate.  Rooms are subject to

                                   ----- cut here -----

                          ISESS 1999 Conference Registration Form

                       (Please PRINT out this form, SIGN it and SEND it
                         to the conference office, along with payment,
                            EMAIL REGISTRATION IS NOT POSSIBLE)

1. Terms and Conditions of Payment

For your convenience, we offer different payment methods for North
American and European
participants. Delegates from other parts of the world shall use the
North American payment

Payment must be

- a cheque in Canadian dollars on a North American bank, payable to
"Environmental Informatics Institute" (see CDN $ fees below) for
from North America and Non-EU citizens.


- a Euro-Cheque in DM payable to "Environmental Informatics Institute"
(see DM fees below) for EU citizens

Payment must be received at our conference office by the early
registration date
June 30, 1999 in order to receive the early conference rate.
Cancellations are subject
to a $100 Cdn administration fee.  No refunds will be made after July
30, 1999, as for
each participant the necessary resources will have been allocated by
that date.
Membership rates only apply if you indicate your membership number.

Registrations have to be sent to:

Environmental Informatics Institute
255 Morrison Road
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2A 2W6

The conference office will reply with an acknowledgement letter and a
receipt of payment.
An email address must be provided, as all communication before the
conference will be done
by email (final programme, last update before the event, etc.).  In
order to avoid energy
and transport, we will NOT send a final conference package to registered
The conference package will be provided at the University of Otago upon
check-in with the
conference.  All necessary information can be found on our home page.

The conference fee includes one copy of the conference proceedings and
the preprints,
break refreshments and conference banquet.

2. Personal Record

Academic Title:

First Name:










3. Conference fee (please mark the applicable fee)

- Member of IFIP 5.11 or IFIP bodies.  Give membership number:

Early rate (payment received at conference office before JUNE 30, 1999):

Canadian  $650.00
DM   750,00

Late rate (after JUNE 30, 1999):
Canadian  $775.00
DM   890,00

- Non-Member

Early rate (payment received at conference office before JUNE 30, 1999):

Canadian  $725.00
DM   830,00

Late rate (after JUNE 30, 1999):
Canadian  $850.00
DM   975,00

- Student rate (not including PhD students or those presenting a paper).

Please give the email address of a faculty member at your institution
who can
confirm you are a full-time student and that you have not yet finished a
master’s degree
or diploma. Student rate does not include banquet OR conference

Early rate (payment received at conference office before JUNE 30, 1999):

Canadian  $250.00
DM   290,00

Late rate (after JUNE 30, 1999):

Canadian  $350.00
DM   400,00

4. Signature

I hereby register for ISESS 1999 and agree to the terms and conditions
payment as stated above.



                                  ! Dipl.-Ing. Gerald P. Schimak
Internet : schimak at arcs.ac.at     ! Environmental Informatic Group
Phone    : +43 2254 780 3125      ! Dept. of Information Technology
Fax      : +43 2254    72133      ! Austrian Research Centre
http://enviro.arcs.ac.at/~schimak ! Seibersdorf, A-2444
                                  ! Austria, Europe

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