Some FASTA SCAN bugs are fixed! (v.3.2.1)

olivierfriard at my-dejanews.com olivierfriard at my-dejanews.com
Thu Apr 15 18:20:42 EST 1999


some bugs of the FASTA SCAN program v.3.2 are now fixed:

1) FASTA SCAN can now read GenBank sequences from GCG FASTA output  (LOCUS
.... )

2) The last sequence from FASTA output can now be saved without program

I have added a new function:

1) if gaps are found in sequences, the program asks if the user wants to
remove them

The new version (3.2.1 04/15/1999) can be freely downloaded at

Bugs notification, remarks and/or comments are welcome,
thank you for the attention

Olivier Friard

 friard at molinette.unito.it

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